Take the crown.

The Uprising has begun.
The time of the old order is over.
The new order will sieze the crown.

Rise and take your rightful place. Rise.

Our beers

The West Coast

An untamed wild frontier.
Where storms blow in and
winds whisper words of treason.
The start of the uprising...

Treason is an awesome west coast I.P.A.
burning bronze in colour with a big hop
aroma that gives way to a lingering
spicy bitterness.

Treason is available in keg at 5.8% ABV and
in 300ml bottles at 6.0% ABV.

A Riot on its Own

Shout it out, spread the word,
there's a new face in town and
the riot has started

Continue the uprising

White Riot. With new world hops and a
handful of orange zest, it's not a pure I.P.A.
and not a wheat beer - it's a bold riot of a
beer on it's own.

White Riot is available in keg at 5.3% ABV and later
in the year will be available in 300ml bottles at 5.5 % ABV.

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Scumbag Maggot

New Scumbag Maggot is Uprising's
3rd beer and it's a cracker. It's strong
enough to drink now or lie it down and
drink for the next 2 Christmases.

Christmas time
Cold days, dark nights, grey slush. Last orders.
Those same old songs on endless repeat.

Reach for the Uprising.

Scumbag Maggot is an imperial stout
to help see out those miserable nights.
Aged in whiskey barrels and finished
with juniper berries to give hints of gin.

About us

At Uprising we believe that brewing is
about more than great beer. It's about
the people and sharing good times.

We draw inspiration from our travels,
the people we've met, the food we've
shared and the beers we've enjoyed.

We bring all of this into how we brew
at Uprising. Unflinchingly challenging
brewing conventions and pushing
the boundaries.

Kieran Johnson, Head Brewer

Contact us

Uprising Brewery
2 Vansittart Estate
Sl4 1SE